Tips For Installing A Truck Bed Mat

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Have you decided to get a mat for the back of your truck? These thick rubber mats not only look great, but they can also give your truck additional protection from everything that you put back there. However, you may be wondering what needs to be done to install the truck bed mat. These tips will help ensure that the bed mat is a perfect fit and doesn't slide around.

Clean The Truck

It is always a good idea to clean the inside of your truck bed before you install a truck bed mat. You do not want any dirt or moisture trapped underneath the bed mat, which can make it not look great when the day comes that you remove the mat. Give it a good cleaning, and cover the metal with a coat of wax as well so it has long-lasting protection. While this is not necessary, you should consider it if the goal of having the truck bed mat is to protect your vehicle.

Measure The Tailgate Piece Properly

The main truck bed mat that you put on the floor of your truck bed should simply rest on top of it, so there is no need to secure this mat in place. The piece that does need to be secured is the section of bed mat material that goes over the tailgate. This is because the gate is in a vertical position most of the time, and that gate sees a lot of wear and tear as you slide things in and out of your truck over the years.

Start by measuring the tailgate so that the mat is not covering up any bolts that are needed to service your vehicle later on. You'll also want to make sure that the mat fits above the section of mat material that rests on the truck bed when the tailgate is up. If the sections overlap, you may have trouble closing your tailgate.

Place The Screws Correctly

You'll need to drill some pilot holes through both the bed mat and your truck's tailgate to secure it in place with screws. Keep in mind that you'll want to put more pilot holes along the top edge of the tailgate when it is in an upright position since that will be holding the majority of the weight when the tailgate is up. The bottom edge can have fewer screws to secure it in place since they do not hold as much weight as the top screws and mainly hold it in place.

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